Simple and budget friendly ideas for your wedding anniversaries

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Anniversaries are said to be the most important event in our life. This is to celebrate the event of the past that happen on the same date or year. We always make sure that this day would be the memorable event of our life, that’s why we need to create ideas on how to make the day memorable for all of us. Just like when you celebrate your wedding anniversary with your wife.  If you’re planning to surprise your wife with a dinner party at your house and not spending much of your money then you have to take note of the following tips that will give you ideas what are things to prepare as you go along spending your special day at home.

More on casual

If you want a dinner, together with your family and want her to be comfortable and at home, you can make a grill party perhaps in the backyard, this doesn’t spend much of your money so you don’t have to worry instead you would enjoy the celebration of both of you too. No more gowns and formal attire and other formalities arrangement required.

Suits your budget

Since you’re just spending it home which is much cheaper, you have to see to it that all of the preparation from food to simple table and chair arrangement are just good for your budget, you just have to be creative in adding a cute and sweet little décor around the house.


Count your visitors and guests

Its better if you will invite your close family and relatives in the celebration, the less guests the less expenses in food and drinks. This makes a strong bond relationship with both parties.

Venue for the party

Yet the venue is the most important part of the event, if you’re in budget you can just set it in your inside or in the back area of the house.

Food preparation

If you’re tired of cooking and you’re thinking about just hiring someone to cater the food services then this would not give you so much hassle and make you focus on your special day. Make sure that you choose the best guaranteed catering services for the event and assures you that it would be an enjoyable night for each and everyone. You can also add vending machine perth in your event to double up the fun.

Good entertainment

You can place a little flowery preparation or if you want a sweet introduction for your wife, you can hire two or three people who will serenade your wife as she enters the house.

Party décor

You can make a simple décor or buy a craft made balloons and place anywhere in the house. Or if you want a creative art décor especially for your wife, décor designer to take charge of the modification of the house.


Since you choose a simple dinner party for your wedding anniversary, when it comes to gift, maybe you can purchase a little expensive gift for your special that shows your great love for her and for your long relationship that took for a year now.

The tips mentioned are helpful to you especially that you don’t have any ideas on how to celebrate your years of relationship. To make it easy for you, you rather choose a simple yet romantic celebration for both of you.